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About Good Earth

Good Earth Natural Foods was established in January 1985 by Matthew de Giorgio, a young enthusiast whose sole objective was to channel his awareness of earth’s bountiful harvest to the heart of Malta’s health conscious community.

Since those days interest in natural foods has increased considerably and Good Earth Natural Foods has become synonymous with high quality products free from any unnecessary additives or preservatives at value-for-money prices.

We go to great lengths to source the best possible supplier of natural foods from around the globe, offering a wide range of products, some organic, some not, from different rice to whole grains, to beans and pulses, dried fruits, nuts and seeds to flours and flakes, herbs and spices.

Today, we also imports and distributes product lines which cater for people following special diets, from sugar or salt controlled diets, or for those with an intolerance to wheat, gluten or lactose derivatives.

In growing to become the household name that we are, we have not strayed away from our original ideals. We strive hard in this rat race world to source the least processed and most natural foods possible, without any artificial additives, sweeteners, colouring or preservatives because we believe that food in its purest state is the best tasting and most nutritious food around.

Smart Outlet

Tucked away in SMART supermarket shopping centre, our shop displays a large range of products for people following special diets such low fat, cholesterol free, low sugar, gluten and wheat free. All products are free from any artificial colouring, sweeteners or flavours. Unlike any other health food shop, our outlet in B’kara is open all day on Saturdays. With every €20 spent in our shop you get a 5% discount.

Balluta Outlet

Located on the picturesque setting of Balluta square, our shop was opened in 1989 to offer the locals of St. Julians the services of Malta’s first health food shop. Once inside you can purchase a vast selection of organic and natural foods for people who would like to follow a healthy lifestyle or who have special dietary needs. The vitamins and nutritional supplements section offers different well-known brand names which is complemented with various ranges of organic body care and natural remedies. We recently introduced a green range of household detergents. On the upper floor we offer a vast range of Ayurvedic treatments and beauty treatments to pamper yourself or for that special occasion.
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